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Powermatic PM1000 vs Sawstop: More Weight, More Heavy-duty

Powermatic PM1000 vs Sawstop

Powermatic PM1000 vs Sawstop models have always been on top of the best miter saws. However, buyers still confuse when choosing the right one. I am here to point you in the direction of the brand you can trust. If you want a saw that is safe to use, then you are looking at the […]

Powermatic PM1000 vs PM2000: Best Value For The Money

Powermatic PM1000 vs PM2000

Powermatic is one of the popular brands for table saws. They have created many saw models to serve customers’ requirements. Some models often need clarification on buyers because of their similarities. The matchup between Powermatic PM1000 vs PM2000 is a typical example.  Indeed, these two are identical in many features. We have to admit that […]

Powermatic PM1000 vs Grizzly: More Power With The Robust Beast

Powermatic PM1000 vs Grizzly

Powermatic PM1000 vs Grizzly both receive many positive feedbacks from users. Do they puzzle you when shopping? My comparison will help you find out the right one. If your work requires a large ripping capacity, PM1000 will serve you the best. Those looking for a budget-friendly machine will also find the Makita model an optimal […]