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Makita LS1221 vs DeWalt DW715: A Single Bevel Saws’ Clash

Makita LS1221 vs DeWalt DW715

Makita LS1221 vs DeWalt DW715 are two great single bevel representatives from the well-known Makita from the East and the famous Western manufacturer – DeWalt. If you are looking for an affordable saw with fast speed, I will recommend the Makita LS1221. If an extra-large cutting capacity is also on your bucket list, then again, […]

Makita LS1221 vs DeWalt DW716: An Equal East vs West Battle

Makita LS1221 vs DeWalt DW716

Makita LS1221 vs DeWalt DW716 will be an interesting battle between a single bevel versus a double bevel miter saw. If you need a miter saw for the money, I would suggest the DeWalt DW716. If you need one for great capacity at a reasonable price, again, I would suggest the DW716. But, if you […]

Makita LS1221 vs LS1040: Small But Mighty

Makita LS1221 vs LS1040

Makita LS1221 vs LS1040 are very sought-after in the market of miter saws. However, it seems that many buyers are confused when choosing between them. My in-depth comparison will help you make a proper purchase. Are you looking for something for your small workshop? LS1040 is well-suited. If you want a powerful and speedy machine, […]

Dewalt DW715 vs Makita LS1221: Easy Usage With Makita LS1221

Dewalt DW715 vs Makita LS1221

Dewalt DW715 vs Makita LS1221 is a great match-up. These miter saws belong to two renowned manufacturers worldwide, which guarantees top-notched performance. If you prefer the convenient operating experience in any miter saw, the lightweight Makita LS1221 will not disappoint you. However, if precision is your ultimate goal, Dewalt DW715 can offer just that. The […]