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Dewalt DWS715 Vs DWS779 – Useful Comparisons You Should Know!

Dewalt DWS715 vs DWS779 are two popular miter saws on the market, satisfying users thanks to their impressive power and smart design with advanced features. If you are looking for a budget-friendly model, DWS715 would be an ideal option, while DWS779 is designed for large wooden projects with its extended power.  Still uncertain which one […]

Dewalt DWS779 Vs Ryobi TSS120L – Which One Twisted My Arm?

Dewalt DWS779 Vs Ryobi TSS120L

Talking about sliding miter saws, there are loads of models in the market for buyers to look through. Today, I will compare the two popular models Dewalt DWS779 vs Ryobi TSS120L to see which one is worth the money more. In brief, I’ve listed down below the key selling points of each model: If you […]

DEWALT DWS779 vs BOSCH GCM12SD – Which Miter Saw Should You Choose?


Nowadays, with Internet shopping, it’s easier to buy everything you need. When searching across E-commerce platforms, you can see that DEWALT DWS779 vs BOSCH GCM12SD provide similar features, making you confused about which one you should buy. Let’s do a short comparison to find out the answer!  If you are new to miter saw, then […]

DEWALT DWS779 vs DWS716 – Finding the Best Miter Saw for You


DEWALT is famous for manufacturing many qualified wood-making products, especially miter saws. And there are two top-selling products – DEWALT DWS779 vs DWS716 that provide mostly similar features.  Are you struggling to find out the difference between these two so that you can pick out the better one for your house? In this post, let’s […]

DEWALT DWS779 vs RIDGID R4221 – The Battle of Top Versatile Saws


DEWALT DWS779 vs RIDGID R4221 provides similar features, so it’s challenging to distinguish these two to know which one is more suitable to your needs and financial status.  In this post, let’s compare them to find out the better option for your wood-making process! If you are new to miter saw, then a DWS779 is […]

DeWalt DWS779 Vs DWS780: Are They The Same?

DeWalt DWS779 Vs DWS780

There are many rumors of how identical the Dewalt DWS 779 and DWS780 are. That’s why I have compared DeWalt DWS779 vs DWS780, and the result is quite interesting. If you’re looking for a miter saw with great performance and budget price, DeWalt DWS779 is the best for you. However, if high accuracy and adequate […]

Dewalt DW716 vs DWS779: The beast of cutting capacity

Dewalt DW716 vs DWS779

Dewalt DW716 vs DWS779 miter saws significantly differ in design. How about their benefits? I put them head-to-head so that you can easily make your judgment.  If you are looking for a light machine for your lumber mill, DW716 is a wise choice. Meanwhile, DWS779 is heavier, thus can serve as a more powerful machine. […]

Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779: Behold The Supreme Dewalt DWS779

Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779

Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779 are two very similar 12-inch miter saws. Without deep consideration, you won’t find a clear difference between them. Do not worry! Leave the comparison job for me. If you prefer a lightweight option that helps with precise aiming, you will be satisfied with Dewalt DWS716XPS. Nevertheless, if you look for a […]

DeWalt DWS709 vs DWS779: DWS779 Is The Default Winner

DeWalt DWS709 vs DWS779

DeWalt DWS709 vs DWS779 are two double bevel miter saw models from the famous tool company DeWalt.  Even though these two 12-inch sliding compound saws may look the same in some details, some specific differences in DWS799’s size, voltage, and additional features have made it the ‘‘best-seller’’ superior.  But if you are looking for a […]