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Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS391B: “B”igger Tasks With DCS391“B” 2021

Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS391B

Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS391B matchup is indeed a very close competition, as it features two almost identical models. You may implicitly tell from the names that DCS391B is an upgrade of its counterpart. To some extent, your assumption is correct. However, there are obviously some subtle differences that will come to light through my comparison. […]

Dewalt DCS391 Vs DCS570 – An In-depth Comparison

Dewalt DCS391 Vs DCS570

At first glance, you may find it hard to spot the differences between Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS570. Both are extremely lightweight and powerful yet still carry a few distinguishing features. These small differences are what set one saw apart from the other. However, every feature has its helpful usage, so knowing how you intend to […]