How To Unlock A Dewalt Miter Saw – Easy To Follow

As a woodworker, you must have had a miter saw from one of the most reputable brands – Dewalt. But do you know how to unlock a Dewalt miter saw safely? Miter saw has always been the tool that involves many risks and dangers while using it. 

Therefore, the miter saw cannot use the traditional lock, which users can press a button to turn on. Instead, this type of saw has a complex system of how to lock and unlock it. 

This article will dive deeper into the types of locks for Dewalt miter saws and especially how to unlock them in the right way. Now, let’s start!

How To Unlock A Dewalt Miter Saw?

There is no button that can unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw all at once due to safety reasons. There are several steps and components you need to unlock separately in order to have the miter saw working properly. 

Head Unlocking

The first part of the miter saw you need to work on is the head. Without opening the head, there is no way your saw can operate normally. The head is a true guiding star of this tool, allowing you to move the arm, push the blade up and down, and lead the edges while cutting. 

Check the top of the device to find a small button that locks the head. Press the button to unlock it, and you can move to unlock other parts of the Dewalt miter saw. 

How To Unlock A Dewalt Miter Saw

Knurled Knob Unlocking

One of the most popular locking mechanisms you can find in a Dewalt miter saw is knurled knob lock. This is the easiest system to lock and unlock a saw. All you need to do is rotate one single knob. 

Twist the knurled knob and rotate it counterclockwise. Remember, turn it counterclockwise, not clockwise like the modern knob. Many people have rolled it the way they are used to, in turn tightening the knob and giving them a hard time loosening a simple knurled knob.

How To Unlock A Dewalt Miter Saw

Bevel Unlocking

Bevel cuts might sound familiar if you are a craftsman or a handyman. A miter saw is extremely helpful in terms of making bevel cuts in wood. Nonetheless, you must first know how to unlock a Dewalt miter saw to use this capability. 

If you aim to make vertical cuts at 90 degrees, you don’t need to unlock it. What if you want to set an odd bevel angle? You will need the bevel lock knob to open. You can create any bevel cut between 45 to 90 degrees on your DIY projects on most miter saws. 

The first thing you need to do is set up a tilting position; slide the pin to accomplish this. Then, gently push the hook and it is ready for a tilting angle. At this point, you have successfully unlocked the saw bevel, and you can adjust it to your desired. 

Push And Down Unlocking

If you have children running around your working area, you should consider buying a down lock pin at the saw store. This is just a small component added to your saw but surprisingly effective in locking the saw and avoiding children from messing with it. 

The push and down lock does not require much pressure or skill to use it. However, to unlock the miter saw, it needs a combination of actions that children cannot do. 

First, locate your down lock pin hanging out under the saw handle. This pin locks the saw’s head, preventing children from moving the sharp blade up and down. Imagine you are not around and your child is playing with the saw head while placing their hand in the wrong place! 

The down lock pin can eliminate any unexpected situation. Once knowing where the pin is, press the handle down and hold it still while pulling the pin out to unlock the saw. And voilà! You are ready to work on your wood projects. 

How To Unlock A Dewalt Miter Saw

Swivel Unlocking

Woodworkers should unlock the swivel before working on the angle lock. You need to spin a handle before activating the lever, allowing you to preset the exact angle positions. 

When choosing the angle, there will be a clicking sound notifying you that the pitch is in the right place. You can add a knurled knob to be extra secure. 

Angle Unlocking

You can make precise angle cuts on the wood with any miter saw on the market. However, this cutting feature requires you to adjust the angle locking mechanism before using it. 

Look at the saw’s front side to find the angle metal pin of the devices. Then, apply pressure on it for a short while, and then you are good to go!

Some Dewalt saw models include both a pin and a lock knob. In this case, push both of them to open the custom angle lock. Keep in mind that this only opens the angle lock. After this, you will move on to unlock the whole device separately. 

Slider Unlocking

How To Unlock A Dewalt Miter Saw

Most Dewalt compound miter saws have sliders. To start using a compound saw, you need to know how to open the slider first. As the saw is guided by a rail rather than your hands, sliding provides you with more accuracy, stability, and flexibility. 

To open the slider, determine where the slider lock knob is. Then, spin it in an anti-clockwise direction. This will free the slider and allow you to rotate the arm while cutting. Once unlocking the slider, you can then open the saw itself to start your woodworking project. 

Base Unlocking

The Dewalt miter saw comes with a base attached to the front body of the device. You can rotate this base to set the desired miter angles. But first, you need to unlock it.

Like other components of the saw, there is a locking knob in the base that you can use to open it. Twist the base knob to move it as desired. Once you have completed this, the saw base will unlock and ready to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered several frequently asked questions people usually ask and answer them in the section below. 

Why Should I Choose A Dewalt Miter Saw?

Dewalt has been around for 97 years, ever since 1924. The company is famous for producing distinctive, portable, accurate, and easy-to-use miter saws with many features at an affordable price. 

Dewalt has always been the go-to option whenever people are thinking about woodworking or DIY projects. 

Recently, Dewalt has added multiple advanced features to the list, such as higher precision, increasing cutting capacity, illumination, safety gear, dual bevel, blade guard, blade varieties, and stronger power supply. 

As time passes by, Dewalt has never stopped lifting the standards for miter saws and the woodworking industry in general. 

Check out the comparisons between the best-seller Dewalt miter saws here: Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS391B, or Dewalt DWE575SB vs DWE575.

What If The Saw Is Stuck While I’m Trying To Unlock?

Power tool jamming is not a new problem. You might encounter it regularly while working in your workshop. No matter how perfect the machine is designed, it cannot be as smart as a human. Therefore, it cannot meet all of our complex requirements. 

A Dewalt saw can be stuck if the miter angle or bevel is not released yet. Also, the angle or bevel unlock methods are different if you are using a sliding or compound sliding miter saw. 

As no one wants to feel lost while working, you must know how to unstuck your gadget. There are several situations where your saw is stuck. First, the problem might occur due to dust build-up on the table where you place the saw. Hence, make sure to clean your working area often. 

Secondly, there might be dust or milled wood left on the miter saw blade from your last project. It would help if you used a wet towel to rinse your blade before starting a new project. And be careful when cleaning this sharp object. Don’t place your hand directly on the blade to whip it! 

Last but not least, the miter saw is stuck due to build-up dust sticking on the saw itself. While sawing, there would be wood chips or sawdust wandering here and there. The dust can gather under the rails, base fence, or turntable. 

It causes your saw to perform less efficiently at first and eventually stop working. To avoid this, you should vacuum your device and your working space. You can use compressed air as well, to blow all the dust off easily. 

What If The Dewalt Miter Saw Is Not Turning On?

In the world of electrical tools, it is not something serious when you turn your device off, and it does not want to go back on. There are many reasons for this. The miter saw has many parts that should be unlocked separately. Unable to unlock any of the components will result in the saw not working. 

Furthermore, unlocking the components in the wrong way can cause the saw to shut down as well. You need to press either a black button, a pin, or a knob to turn it on for each part. However, too much pressure or pressing it for too long will make the machine shut down automatically. 

Check if the power cord is in good shape or not. An injured or winded cord can cause power failure to the device. If none of these things above happens to your saw, then it is an internal issue in which you need to contact Dewalt themselves or bring it to the saw store for repairs and replacement. 

How To Unlock A Dewalt Miter Saw


This article has shown you a step-by-step guide on how to unlock a Dewalt miter saw. This type of saw is originally designed for construction and factory purposes. It is robust, bulky, and dangerous when you place it in your house. 

Therefore, unlocking a miter saw requires many steps for safety reasons, especially when you have children around your working area. Even though you can remove some locks on the miter saw, we advise you not to do that. 

It might be easier for you to start your woodworking project, but it is not safe for your beloved ones. Furthermore, as you get used to the unlocking process, it will become simpler as time passes by. Hopefully, this guidance helps ease out the difficulties in unlocking your Dewalt miter saw!

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