How to Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade Safely on Your Own

Today I’m going to share with you my experience on how to change a Dewalt miter saw blade. I’ll talk about the necessary tools, the parts that you will need to work with then give you step-by-step instructions.

Dewalt saws are the industry standard for woodworking power tools. For example, the DCS391 and the DCS391B are two popular circular saw models from the company. The well-known brand also has many quality tools for manufacturing and construction.

How to Change A Dewalt Miter Saw

Required Tools

For this task, you only need some basic tools and gadgets.


Dewalt miter saws always come with a blade wrench. You often find it behind the rest.

Usually, it is a two-in-one socket with a star bit. You will be using the star bit and the socket.

So if you lost your included blade wrench, find some tools that match the nut on the blade guard and screw on the center of the blade.

Work Gloves

You are dealing with small nuts and bolts, so a heavy-duty pair of gloves may hinder the needed dexterity of your fingers.

A light pair of work gloves is enough to protect your hand from the sharp teeth of the blade.

Protective Glasses

Even though the machine is not running (as it should be) while you are doing this task, additional safety measures for your eyes are never redundant.

On the off-chance that the saw malfunctions during the test run and things start flying, you will be very grateful that there is something that shields you from the projectiles. Flying debris is a legitimate risk factor.

Involved Parts of A Blade Changing

A miter saw is a very handy tool that allows you to cut a variety of angles. There are different types of miter saws like compound miter saws, dual compound miter saws, and sliding miter saws.

But with Dewalt models of miter saw, the installing mechanisms of the blade are more or less the same. There are 4 parts that you need to pay attention to.

Blade Guard

This is a protective part that rests on top of the circular saw blade. To gain access to the blade, you need to lift it and lock it in position.

Bracket Screw

The function of the bracket screw is to hold the blade arm and the blade guard together. It also acts as a peg for the guard to rest on.

Spindle Lock

This lock is a mechanism that allows you to unscrew the blade screw without rotating the blade itself. It is often a button on the right side of the blade.

Blade Screw

A blade screw is a reverse thread screw that you need to undo to dismount your blade. You turn the arbor screw anti-clockwise to tighten it and do the reverse to loosen it.

How to Change A Dewalt Miter Saw

7 Steps to Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to change a Dewalt miter saw blade.

Step 1: Apply Safety Measures

As I said, wear your gloves and goggles and pull the plug off the electrical source. Also, light up the room and remove any obstacles.

Step 2: Cut Off The Power

While working or maintaining any electric device, you should always make sure that the power is off. Don’t just turn off the switch, pull out the plug completely.

Step 3: Get The Blade Guard Out of The Way

Now lift the blade arm and locate the bracket screw. Once you find it, loosen it with the star bit of the included wrench.

You don’t need to undo it all the way. Just unscrew it enough to rest the blade guard on it.

Step 4: Demounting the Blade

After that, you should have access to the blade screw. Before undoing the arbor screw, remember to lock in the spindle lock.

As mentioned above, this is a reverse thread screw. So to undo it, use the socket of the blade wrench to turn it clockwise. The dull blade is now free to remove.

Step 5: Keep Track of Additional Parts

You only need to remove the blade screw, the outer clamp washer, and the blade adapter ring. Hold onto them after having them removed because new Dewalt saw blades don’t come with these parts.

You should leave the inner clamp washer in place. It will act as the blade housing.

This is the end of the blade removal. Everything that you need to take out is on the left side of your blade.

Step 6: Installing The New Blade

Now get the new blade out and put the blade adapter ring on it. Then simply put the blade on the inner clamp washer.

While putting the new blade in, make sure the teeth are pointing downward. There should be instructive arrows on the disc for you to follow.

After that, put on the outer clamp washer and screw in the blade screw. This time, turn it anti-clockwise.

If your blade lock is not a switch and needs to be pressed on, remember to press on it while screwing.

Another thing is you don’t want to tighten this screw too much. If you do so, it can affect the speed and balance of the saw.

Step 7: Finish Off

To finish the installation process, now you lower the blade guard and tighten back the bracket screw. Plug the power cord back in, then your saw is ready for a test cut.

You should run a couple of test cuts with scrap materials to find out any problem. If you find any, fix it immediately before proceeding with your work.

Common Issues and Solutions

These are some possible issues you may stumble on while changing the blade of a miter saw. Along with them are solutions I have drawn from my own experience.

Faulty Bolts and Screws

In case your saw has been collecting dust for a while, the bolts and screws can be difficult to manage. The reason may be a lack of lubricant or rust.

To fix this issue, you should use a specialized greasing product for power tools. If none is available, the tried and true WD40 can get the job done.

Wobbly Blade

While doing a test cut, you may find the newly installed blade to be wobbly. It is because the gap between the blade and the nut is too wide.

The only thing you can do is cut off the power and re-do the entire process. The time it would take is nothing compared to your safety and the result of your work.

How to Change A Dewalt Miter Saw


That was my guide on how to change a Dewalt miter saw blade. I hope that you find it helpful.

Remember to operate and repair your power tools with caution. Just follow all the steps and apply safety measures, then you will be fine.

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