How To Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade

Many people have started learning how to change a Dewalt miter saw blade since Dewalt woodworking power tools commonly have such straightforward construction. 

How To Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade

With that said, in this post, I’m going to give you step-to-step instructions on how to replace your Dewalt saw blade. Hope you enjoy it!

How To Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade 

Step 1: Unplugging The Tool From Any Electrical Source

Unplugging the tool from the power socket before getting into the main work is an important safety measure that many people overlook. 

How To Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade

During the installation process, you will have to make adjustments to the internal system, which will increase the risk factor of coming across electric-related accidents. 

By turning off the power connection, you can avoid 95% of the common accidents when working with electrical machines.

Step 2: Lifting The Blade Guard Up

Once the machine is deactivated, it’s time you pulled on the locking pin and started removing the blade guard. Essentially, it is a metal piece enclosing the disk’s outer rim to prevent our hands from getting into physical contact with the blade.

For someone who hasn’t figured out where it is yet, here is a tip for you. When you take hold of the cutting blade and try to pull it in your direction, you can see that a firm piece of metal holds it back. This protective unit is the guard that you will have to remove firstly. 

There will be one blade guard bracket screw to secure the guard on the blade’s surface. Simply use a wrench to loosen the screw counter-clockwise until you can move the blade. You don’t need to remove the bolt completely.

Next, gently lift the blade guard up as high as possible to get full access to the current blade. 

Step 3: Pressing The Spindle Lock

Now, locate where the spindle lock is. It is a small button used to keep the axis at a fixed place without rotating. In recent Dewalt models, the spindle lock will be on the disk’s right side opposite the blade guard’s bracket screw.

Once you have located the lock, press it down as deep as you can with the right hand while rotating the blade with your left hand until it is secured in place.

Step 4: Removing The Arbor Bolt And The Outer Washer

How To Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade

The blade bolt and the outer washer are what keep the blade in its place. For that reason, to remove the dull blade, you have to loosen the arbor bolt. There’s no need to completely remove the screw since a small gap is enough to take the blade out.

Now, reach for the blade wrench to loosen the bolt while pushing on the spindle lock with your other hand. It is important to press the spindle lock firmly until the new blade is in its place.

Step 5: Demounting The Blade 

When the bolt no longer gets in the way, it’s time to pull the used blade out of the blade housing. If you encounter any issues while removing the disk, try to avoid using more strength to pull it out. 

Opting for fuels or lubricating oils might solve the problem in a matter of minutes without damaging the saw.

Step 6: Setting Up The New Blade

Take a new blade and place it where the original blade used to be.

I suggest cleaning and lubricating the new wheel properly before attaching it to the saw. Also, remember to position the blade’s carbide teeth so that it points toward the back part of the saw. 

After ensuring everything is in its correct position, you use the wrench to tighten the blade bolt, so the new blade is secured on the saw at a 90-degree angle. 

Once you have successfully replaced the disk, you can release the hand pressing on the spindle lock button. 

Step 7: Tightening The Blade Guard

Remember the blade guard you have lifted up to get in contact with the blade? The last step is to put it back in its original place. Gently slide it down and tighten the bolt to lock it in place. 

Lastly, connect the saw to a power supply outlet and see how the new blade performs. If the saw can operate smoothly without any problems, you have finished the replacement!

How To Change A Dewalt Miter Saw Blade

The Bottom Line

My post on how to change a Dewalt miter saw blade has eventually come to an end. I hope you have managed to change yours if you have made it to this part. Remember to closely follow my instructions to minimize as many errors as possible. 

If you are a novice and want to learn how to use a miter saw, you can refer to this article. It is such a good start for anyone interested in this heavy-duty tool. 

All in all, take care, and don’t forget to drop by in the future for more content from me!

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