DWS709 Review: The Beast Of Massive Cutting Capacity

DWS709 Review covers all the necessary information to make a purchase, including its benefits and drawbacks.

DWS709 was first available in the market in 2015 and has become a sought-after product since then. This tool wins a lot of customers’ hearts thanks to its impressive cutting capacity and portability.

However, this is not a perfect miter saw. Please read the below writing to find out its downside.

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Who Should Buy This Miter Saw?

If you have to deal with wide dimensions in your daily work, this saw won’t upset you with its massive cutting capacity. For those whose workshop is not very spacious, DWS709 is properly a well-suited tool.

My DWS709 review will tell you more clearly about its outstanding functions.

Large Cutting Capacity

DWS709 Review

This model can bevel up to 45° on both sides as well as miter up to 50° and 60° on the left and right, respectively. These impressive figures bring you a massive cutting capacity.

Besides, Dewalt offers you the best-in-class blade – a 12-inch one. This wide diameter enables more depth of cuts and leaves a super clean finish.

The best part is yet to come. This saw comes with two back fences, which are easy to slide back and forth and offer larger cuts. 

The tall fences make DWS709 outstanding. Thanks to the exclusive back fences, it can handle 2×14-inch cuts at 90° and 2×10-inch cuts at 45°.


DWS709 Review

I have to admit that the DeWalt product is the go-to miter saw for portability. It weighs only 51 pounds. This feature is optimal for mobile workers who constantly travel among multiple work sites.

Moreover, this saw has compact dimensions of 30.75×22.75×19.5 inches, which won’t take much space in your workshop. Is your lumber mill not very spacious? Don’t worry! DWS709 is here to help.

Moreover, the sliding system is foldable, reducing the size of the saw when not working. This tool won’t take a large footprint in your workshop.

Great Accuracy

DWS709 Review

The saw is equipped with a stainless steel plate, marking a highly visible scale. You can easily select the desired angles without guesswork.

The feature enabling DWS709’s superior performance is the vertical clamp. This component tightly keeps wood pieces to the base, maintaining the balance during operation. Making a precise cut without vibration is easier and safer now.

Powerful and Speedy

DWS709 Review

Anyone seeking a robust machine can not miss DeWalt DWS709. This model is equipped with a huge 15 amp motor, providing a lot of power in every cut. You can easily make a clean cut and leave a fine finish.

Besides, its amazing rotational speed of up to 3,800 rpm will not let you down. You can make quicker and sharper cuts thanks to this quality.

The saw’s power and speed allow you to handle a variety of tasks, even dealing with the hardest wood.


DWS709 Review

This model is extremely well-built, giving it sturdy looks. The base and sliding system are made of 100% metal, except for the blade guard and knobs. You can believe in their durability.

Also, all knobs and handles are super strong, supporting not only stability but also higher durability.

What Needs Improvement?

Major Error

There is a problem with the slide. It is quite rough when operating. You may be annoyed when sliding since it takes a lot of effort and is time-consuming. 

Minor Errors

You can’t expect much from the dust collector. It is easy to understand because sawdust undoubtedly is light and prone to fly around. However, this point is not relevant when working outdoors.

DeWalt DWS709 Alternatives

Makita LS1221 and Hitachi C12FDH can be proper substitutes since they deliver fairly equal quality at the same price level as the DeWalt model.

If you are into more precision, its brother from DeWalt – DWS716xps is superior because it is integrated with an LED light system. Besides, Delta 26-2251 coming with a robot-like arm, will bring you more smoothness and convenience.

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