Dewalt DHS790AT2 vs DWS780: The Technology That Gets Things Done

Dewalt DHS790AT2 vs DWS780

Are you curious what the main differences between the two miter saws of Dewalt DHS790AT2 vs DWS780 are? Who is better at accurate cutting?

If you’re only a beginner who would like to have your woods handled precisely, then the Dewalt DWS780 is the best option. But I have to say that according to the financial aspect, the Dewalt DWS780 is also more suitable for budgeted options. Both models are designed for wood cutting only; however, you can choose the Dewalt DHS790AT2 if you prefer a cordless machine.

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Differences Between Dewalt DHS790AT2 vs DWS780


The design of the Dewalt DWS780 vs DHS790AT2 miter saws are just identical to other devices of the Dewalt. They both come with basic stainless steel color and yellow plastic cover on the motor housing, kerf plate, and operating handles.

Both machines also tip the scale of 56 pounds, which is not compatible for carrying around. The products are durable and sturdy enough to do a sharp cut in hardwoods and moldings. 

The only difference in terms of design between Dewalt DWS780 vs DHS790AT2 models is the cordless feature of Dewalt DHS790AT2. It comes with a 20V/60V Max battery, which makes it gain the name FLEXVOLT. In other words, the machines give customers the ability to choose between two voyages of 20 or 60. 

Furthermore, users can simply switch between two power sources of cord or cordless. The Dewalt DES780 does not come with this advantage. This cord machine doesn’t offer any charger or battery pack, which reduces the product’s cost and weight.

If you are a fan of cordless machines, then the Dewalt DHS790AT2 is the right choice for you. In my opinion, I will stick to the classic gadget like DWS780 with cords. It’s better to maintain the continuous source of power and electricity.


In order to produce proficient grade cuts, the Dewalt DWS780 with 10 position stops and cut alignment system of LED shadow will improve productivity and ensure accuracy more than any other machines. However, some people have claimed that the adjustable miter scale with 11 positive stops and LED lighting built-in to the saw of Dewalt DHS780AT2 is more accurate.

If I were you, I would definitely go for the Dewalt DHS790AT2. The device allows me to utilize more position stops and convey the accuracy. Furthermore, it offers an LED light system. When I turn on the LED, both sides of the blade light up, giving extra brightness to my working area. 

We all understand how the lighting affects our work’s precision, don’t we? Though both models are equipped with this function and a cam-lock that adds to the saw’s exactness, I will still choose the DHS790AT2. 


At the 0° setting, the cut capacity of DWS780 can cut boards up to 4.4″ thick while the maximum thickness of its competitor is 6.7 inches. When you want to turn the miter to the right, it can go up to 60 degrees on the right side and 50 on the left. That measurement is for the DWS780. 

As for the DHS790AT2, its maximum degree miter cuts on both sides are only 49 degrees. This is obviously the disadvantage for the product; therefore, I’ll give the point of this round to the DWS780.


By using the load speed 3800 rpm, both machines can precisely cut wood with such a breeze. They also have the 12 inches blade diameter and a 16 inches horizontal capacity.

What is impressive with these two miter saws lies in the blade positioning system. Accuracy is delivered through the CUTLINE system where LED light left a shadow in the material, allowing high visibility bevel scale. The blade guard that Dewalt equips to its products also works fantastic and never gets hung up like other market machines.

Quick Rundown of Dewalt DHS790AT2

Dewalt DHS790AT2 vs DWS780


  • Cord and cordless flexibility
  • 11 position stops
  • Cam-lock for consistent results


  • Costly
  • Recommend for large workplace

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Quick Rundown of Dewalt DWS780

Dewalt DHS790AT2 vs DWS780


  • Affordable
  • Double bevel sliding mechanism
  • Efficient dust collector


  • Sliding mechanism is stiff

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If you give me the choice of choosing the winner for the battle Dewalt DHS790AT2 vs DWS780, I would totally go for the DWS780. With a much reasonable price, I can get the same machine that performs perfectly at cutting hardwoods.

However, you can choose the Dewalt DHS790AT2 if you prefer to carry it around to work, where they have no socket for charging.

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